Pie in the sky is a creative company that creates characters loved by everyone from children to adults all over the world.


Junichi Endo(CEO・Producer・Founder)

Born in 1976

Early career in a TV production company, followed by careers as a producer in a major record company and an animation production company. Skilled in developing original projects and has engaged in many administrative and content development tasks.

Production credits include: “Kayoe! Chu-gaku” “Panpaka Pants” “Gohan Kaijyu Pappu”

Has a dream to win the Oscar for best picture.

Taketo Shinkai(Creative Director・Founder)

Born in 1982

Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts
Started career at Panasonic Creative Team, followed by freelance, before founding Pie in the sky. Producing a series of “Conversation-drama based animated cartoon” where the story line unfolds mainly through conversation, as well as video production based on scenario writing.

Pie in the sky, Inc
MG-BUILDING, Chuo 3-13-11, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
April 1st, 2013
・Board of Directors

Junichi Endo (CEO)

Taketo Shinkai

・Business Summary

・Takes part in the planning, production, development, consulting, and licensing of characters.

・ Plans, produces, develops and provides consulting for TV programs, movies, DVDs, and videos.

・Produces music, acquires music copyrights, as well as development and administrative tasks.

・ Others